About Karson

  KARSON, a manufacturer and supplier of soft magnetic powder cores and inductors, was founded in 1986 in Taiwan. With 30 years successful experience in manufacturing, we could supply high quality products with competitive price.

  Now Karson has two factories, one is in Guang-dong, and the other is in Jiang-Su. Both factories are carried ISO9001: 2008 and ISO14001:2004 certificate. Karson's products are shipped worldwide and used broadly by the most recognized global magnetic components design and manufacturing companies.

  Our aim is to provide the customers with the greatest value. This includes a combination of quality, on-time delivery, competitive pricing, and technical support. Satisfying customers is our number one objective. We place the customers first and will maintain the highest standards of ethical conduct in all our activities.






Advantage Analysis

Production Base
Dongguan Guangdong Plant:
Offering the service for South east customers.
Wujiang Jiangsu Plant:
Offering the service for the customers in Center China/North China.
The biggest Iron Core manufacturer in Asia, big capacity, fast delivery, and excellent flexibility.
ISO-9001 Qualified, process control with regulation, stable quality.
Research Development
There are new products with innovative technology and much better Characteristics every one or two years, we are the best partner who constantly upgrades the tier of company with products.